Text as a communicator of huge tragedy?

Flight MH370 went down in the southern Indian ocean, a place on earth where its remotely possible to even recover the last pieces of debris of the ill-fated Malaysian airlines plane. No words will help the real grief of the families of the crew and passengers of that plane.

While it’s certain that we all must sympathize with the Malaysian authorities who are managing the situation, the same can’t be said of their communication methods in the whole event – at least one of them!

The authorities may be in a fit of urgency to communication a latest development, went about to send a mobile text message to the families of those who were looking for answers for where their dear ones and the plane went missing.

Tragedy in a text message?

The Malaysian PM was to have a presser on the whole plane going down one hour later, and this message hit all the relatives who were grieving and waiting with bated breath.

In a tragedy of untold proportion, and in a situation when people have almost waited for weeks with almost no or inconsistent information, why on earth would someone jump the gun and send a text message, curt with the message that their dear ones ought to have perished?

In a tragedy, the medium ought to personal, and not a standard machine language. And in one where the stakeholders were almost living in hope for weeks, such a text is the last thing you do, as a communicator.


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